Is my hair worth it too?

I usually freeze my credit card.


I put it in a ziplock bag, fill it with water and put it in the freezer.  That way, I have to reallllly think about if I want something before I unfreeze it. This strategy has worked really well for me. I used to always be in credit debt, between $500-$1500, and it was always from shopping, Starbucks, vacation–basically fun stuff I couldn’t afford.

I decided I was sick of being in debt and the anxiety that went along with it, so paid it off and stuck my card in the freezer for months. Since then I have been successfully living off cash.

A few weeks ago I decided that I had reformed my ways enough to unfreeze my credit card. It sat on my dresser for a week, before moving into my wallet. I figured I could handle it.

Well, I learnt, I can’t.

The other day , I decided I wanted  a clampless curling iron. I’ve wanted one for a while, but since I already have 2 conair curling irons and NATURALLY CURLY HAIR, I’ve restrained myself. But the other day, something came over me, like a woman in the throes of PMS who walks a mile to get a chocolate bar, and I logged on to and bought a curling iron.

I do not make impulsive decisions. I think things out. I research things. I read reviews. I deliberate for months, sometimes.  And yet, for some unknown reason, I decided I wanted shiny, loose, Victoria Secret waves that would last all day and that buying a $119 curling iron (USD), was the only way to get me there. Something went through my mind, probably thanks to five decades of L’oreal marketing convincing me that, dammit, I AM worth it!  I deserve curls that take 25 min to create but look like I just had rough sex!

I chose the top rated one on the site, the Sedu curling iron, because it was “BRAND NEW! The New Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron takes curling to a new level.” And I figured, I  might as well get the best. I didn’t listen to Jenn when she told me she bought her curling iron at the mall for $99. No, No. Instead I decided that I wanted ” long lasting curls and voluminous waves that are frizz-free, shiny and long lasting,” and this particular curling iron must just be that much better. I’m pretty sure hers is just as good though. Maybe it doesn’t have auto-shut off though…(ooo maybe this iron will one-day save my appt from burning down?? Then it would have been worth it)

So, convinced by all the marketing, that seemed to speak directly to my hair soul, I entered my credit card number, agreed to an extra $19 in shipping, and hit “buy”. Why oh why?

It arrived today at my work, and I had to pay an extra $10 in “broker” fee (wtf is that anyways?) and 13%HST. For a grand total of $166.

My curls better be freakin awesome– and I’m putting my credit card back in the freezer tonight.


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