Financial Fun Fridays!

I love saving money.

I consider shopping an Olympic sport, and snagging a good deal is like winning gold. So its only natural that after sitting down with my dad  on a Friday to make a budget, I was looking at ways to lower my expenses.

1. I pay around ten dollars a month for bank fees to CIBC. To get rid of this, I re-opened my PC Financial debit card, which has no fees.

2. I opened a PC Financial Mastercard. It has no fees, and offers an introductory rate of .97% interest rate on transfers, which will save me around $60.00 a month on interest for the 6-months that it is available.

3. I called Rogers and found a better plan, which actually gives me unlimited minutes and texting along with my who-called feature back, for five dollars less a month.

I should also mention that when you open a PC Mastercard, you get a $20 gift card, so it’s really money back in my pocket. If there was something better than winning gold, this would be it.

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