How much is my coffee habit costing me?

Jenn may be a shopo-holic, but I’m a coffee-a-holic. Remember that  caffiene is a legitimate drug and I am legitimately addicted.

It’s not as bad as my university days where  I was taking six fourth-year level classes and trying to get into grad school and justified my two-a-day Grande Iced Americano habit during exams as a “study expense” so I could bill it to my parents (for the record, I did get into grad school so I’m going to continue justifying this).

Now, it’s nothing so bad at that. But it’s still a coffee or two a day.

It’s not the hyperness that concerns me, (I call it bubbly) but rather my financial health.

For a long time I would buy my coffee out every weekday. At between $1.50-$2.00 a pop, that’s about $10 a week. Not too terrible, you say. But that’s $40 a month and $520 a year. And that’s just plain coffee, not including the times where I splurge on $4.00 lattes or $2.50 Americanos (and those times are often). At its minimum therefore, my coffee habit is costing me the approximate equivalent of

  • Five pairs of Lululemons
  • Five months of unlimited yoga
  • Four pairs of heels from Aldo
  • Half of an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico
  • Twenty-one bottles of vodka
  • Eleven Axium manicures
  • 13.4 shares in Starbucks, which would pay me dividends

But I realized this a while ago. That spending money on coffee every day is a giant waste of money, especially since I have no income! Which why I stopped, bought a French Press and some honey-processed-fair-trade-shade-grown-organic coffee beans from Manic Coffee and started to make my own coffee every morning. At $15 for 1 lbs of this gourmet coffee, my spending dropped significantly for the next three months and I was proud of myself for so successfully kicking the habit.

Except then I ran out.

And now  I find myself off the wagon, walking into Starbucks before work. Walking downstairs to the cafeteria and buying some subsidized-but-tastes-like-water Aramark Coffee. Saturday mornings going to the coffeeshop I live above (DID I MENTION I LIVE ABOVE A COFFEE SHOP? That’s like putting an alcoholic above the LCBO) and ordering a cappuccino  with my Globe and Mail.

“It’s just $2” I tell myself. But $2 every day adds up.

“But I’m so tired today,” I tell myself.  Then stop downloading TrueBlood before bed.

“I need that kick the morning,” I tell myself. Then stop  being such a lazy bum and walk to Manic Coffee after work and buy some coffee! (I’m picky with my coffee, can’t just get it from No Frills. Yuck)

“I’m too rushed in the morning to make coffee,” I tell myself. Then stop using your BlackBerry as an alarm and get up earlier.

Basically, I’m lazy, I need to go BUY some coffee, MAKE it in the morning, get a trendy ceramic cup to TAKE it to work. Otherwise I’m just drinking my money away.


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