Fun Financial Fridays!

It’s FRIDAY! This weekend I’m going to the island, going to check out a Greek city festival and going to hit up the financial district after work today to try and find a rich man to marry, or at least buy me a pint!

What I did right this week

  • I bought tonnes of make-up and hair products at a magazine’s beauty closet sale (everything was $2 and I spent $36…and got amazing products like Stila eyeliner, NeoStrata skincare products, Urban Decay blush, Ojon hair serum,3  tinted moisturizers and a bunch of lipglosses. Several products I normally pay full price for that usually retail at at least $30. Can you tell how excited I was by this sale?! )
  • Brought my lunch 4/5 days
  • Went home to visit my parents, my dad bought Sushi so I brought that into to lunch today, and I picked up a government cheque for $70 that was mailed to my ‘rents house
  • Didn’t panic and sell my stocks : buy LOW sell HIGH
  • Applied for two part-time jobs during the school year
  • Didn’t buy  groceries at all and tried to use what I had in the pantry
  • Bought a 36’er of vodka so I can pre-drink effectively and save money at the bar
  • Got a friend to fix my bike instead of shelling out cash at the bike-repair shop

What I did wrong this week

  • I bought coffee almost every day, sometimes twice a day
  • I bought my lunch at my work cafeteria on Thursday (about $4.50)
  • I went out to dinner and ended up ordering more than I could afford ($17)
  • I’m going for after works drinks tonight ($who knows$)
  • Forgot to ask my roommate for her part of the hydro cheque before she went to her cottage for a week
  • Bought a book (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) that my roommate already had and I could have easily borrowed

What I can do better next week

  • I’m going to buy coffee beans this weekend to stop this buying-out-coffee madness!


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