Putting the pretty back in prettylittlepoorgirl pt 1.

A poor girl knows it isn’t always cheap to be a pretty girl. Let’s take getting a mani-pedi for example. When you get your nails done, you are paying mostly for a service, not for those ten milliletres of polish. Doing the job yourself means that you skip paying for the service, plus when you buy nail polish, you get to keep it!
Yes, when you first try, it may not look as pretty as a pro job, but consider it learning a skill! Practice makes perfect!  
Tools of the trade (that you might not already have!)
A nail buffer – like this
Item Salon Brand (OPI) Drugstore brand (Revlon) Drugstore Brand (Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails)
Basecoat $8.99 $4.96 $2.47
Colour $8.99 $4.96 $2.47
Topcoat $8.99 $4.96 $2.47
Total (including nail buffer and tax) $31.82 $18.16 $9.71
The reason I included the third option is because you can use the same brands that the salon uses, but often I find (and of course this varies) that the drugstore kinds are just as good and last as long.
A really key trick to a lasting manicure is using a topcoat. Danielle prefers Essie, while I actually have a supply-store brand that my sister used in her nail salon. I’ve heard reviews raving about Deborah Lipman’s topcoat, so if you’re willing to shell out the $22, let me know how it goes!
Remember – topcoat to the rescue!: Always use a basecoat and a topcoat. A basecoat will help the colour adhere to your nail and the topcoat will help prevent chipping. A topcoat is key for that shiny, salon-done look. If you’ve made a minor mistake, a good topcoat will mask that. To freshen up a manicure, add another topcoat!

You won’t be a pro overnight, but it’s not rocket science. Just think of all the money you’re saving:

12/week for a manicure=$48/month
25/ twice a month for a pedicure=$50/month

=90/month! And that doesn’t include tip! That’s a minimum savings of $27.71! And that’s if you buy a new salon-brand polish colour every week of the month! 
What do you think about those savings, pretty little poor girls?

4 thoughts on “Putting the pretty back in prettylittlepoorgirl pt 1.

  1. ha! I like this.. though when I buy OPI from Sephora it always costs me $11 =( I wanted to get some of that crackle polish but then I was told you need to buy a colour underneath and suddenly I was spending $25 on nail polish in one day. Sigh.

  2. yikes! I would suggest going to a beauty supply outlet store, there’s even one in the eaton’s centre! OPI is around 9 dollars there.
    If you’re really into it, you can go to nail supply stores, OPI is around 6 or 7 dollars and Essie is about 5. There are way less expensive brands making the crackle nail polish as well!

  3. I grab the OPI when Shoppers has a good sale ($4.99 to $5.99), and I find that I don’t need a top coat or basecoat and it still lasts a good few weeks (on my toes). I only wear nail polish on my toes though.

  4. Toes tend to stay a lot longer than nails, but there’s no way my finger nails will last longer than 2 days without a top coat! I also like how it makes it more shiny. That’s a great price for OPI though! -Danielle.

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