Financial Fun Fidays!

Hello everyone! Me and Jenn are back from our Summer and Fall vacation to the land of working hard at school and work and we’re ready to start this blog up again! So here’s a round-up of the good, the bad and the ugly this week.

Lunches: TERRIBLE. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I bought lunch almost every single day this week, as well as coffees and snacks. I was just in a “not caring mood” and thus spent about $30 on food out. I for sure also gained weight for this. *sigh* . Winter hibernation weight is always fun! NOT.

Clothes: Fairly bad.  I’m going skiing this weekend (yay!) and I don’t own a ski jacket or snowpants. My entire childhood I borrowed my younger brother’s child size snow pants and they were always too tight and weird looking. The last few times I’ve been skiing I’ve just worn leggings. But this time instead of going to Blue Mountain, I’m going to Tremblant where I feel you need snowpants since it will be windy and I’m more likely to fall since the course will be harder. Therefore, I went to Winners and snagged the LAST pair of snowpants (2 sizes to big, but oh well) for $22.  Score. Except they were white. And the ski jacket that I had borrowed from my aunt was also white. I couldn’t look like a marshmellow on the hill…and what if I blended into the snow? So I decided to buy a colourful ski jacket as well. *impulse purchase*. It was $40 on clearance down from $280 original. It’s still money spent, but at least it wasn’t full price. I try people, I try. Of course while I was at Winners I tossed a few more things into my bag like headphones (mine broke again), vanilla (on sale, and will always need!) and false eyelashes (cheaper than eyelash extensions), so my total was $90.

Income: I finally signed my Marker contract which means I get $40/hour for 1000 hours over the semeseter to mark poetry papers. BEST JOB EVER and the reason I can eat without going into debt.

Overall? A pretty pricey week. And this weekend will only get pricier. Way, way pricer since I have to spend on gas, lift ticket, ski rental and food. I’ll be sure to post pics when I get back!


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