“I was watching a show about this woman who hoards clothing and I realized her clothes looks like our basement”

This quote comes from my father, referring to the fact that the basement, as well as every closet, shelf and dresser is filled to the point of bursting with my mom’s clothes.

 I seem to have inherited the clothing gene from my mother. (See Financial Failure Article)

 My father continues to say how he thinks through each purchase carefully. I realize I have inherited genes that are in constant battle with each other.  No wonder I get so many migraines.

A lot of the time my mothers ‘want’ gene is the winning team; maybe that’s why we both seem to accumulate so many things, a few things which I always seem to stock up on unnecessarily.

 My biggest weaknesses seem to be lip glosses and balms, lotion, body washes and sprays. I will buy any of these things even if I have a large stock at home because I save some for special occasions, when I’m in a happy, sad, when I need change… You name it, I have a body product for it. 

 My challenge to myself: use up all the products before buying more. Even if the product is on sale (even typing the word gets me excited), I find a new scent I love, or I feel like a new lotion will save my life.

 This will take every ounce of willpower I have, and like my immune system, I will have to teach my dads genetics to be strong.

Repeat after me pretty little poor girls: I do not need that, I already have that at home. I do not need that, I already have that at home….

 Wish me luck.



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