Cut back, way back.

I used to watch financial shows in order to get tips on how to save money. I found that the people on the show usually had a lot in common: not bringing lunch/eating out, luxuries like shows and cabs, cigarettes, coffee etc..

I don’t do any of that on a regular basis. I consider it a balancing act. If I don’t buy an expensive cup of coffee everyday, and drink the free coffee from work, that’s money that can go towards… Well let’s be honest, more clothes!

I recently still felt the need to cut back even more – and I took the hit with my beauty products. Since I was using relatively high-end products I took it down a few notches. (Okay, more than a few in some cases, but that’s what I tell myself!)


Joico shampoo and conditioner: $40

Nars bronzer: $45

MAC eyeliner: $18

Lip InFATuation lip gloss:$38


Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner: $8 with coupons

Sephora bronzer: $18

Rimmel eyeliner (FREE with mascara):$0

Lise Watier lip gloss: $20

And HELLO: $95 in my bank account every 4 months.

Staying pretty still, but maybe not so poor.



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