Cut back, way back.

I used to watch financial shows in order to get tips on how to save money. I found that the people on the show usually had a lot in common: not bringing lunch/eating out, luxuries like shows and cabs, cigarettes, coffee etc..

I don’t do any of that on a regular basis. I consider it a balancing act. If I don’t buy an expensive cup of coffee everyday, and drink the free coffee from work, that’s money that can go towards… Well let’s be honest, more clothes!

I recently still felt the need to cut back even more – and I took the hit with my beauty products. Since I was using relatively high-end products I took it down a few notches. (Okay, more than a few in some cases, but that’s what I tell myself!)


Joico shampoo and conditioner: $40

Nars bronzer: $45

MAC eyeliner: $18

Lip InFATuation lip gloss:$38


Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner: $8 with coupons

Sephora bronzer: $18

Rimmel eyeliner (FREE with mascara):$0

Lise Watier lip gloss: $20

And HELLO: $95 in my bank account every 4 months.

Staying pretty still, but maybe not so poor.




Financial Failure

Hi, my name is Jenn and I’m a shopaholic.

I sighed as I was writing the title to this post.  I’m weak sometimes. Some people smoke, some people drink, and I … shop. I’d like to blame it on genetics. As a child, the closet in my room was filled with not mine, but my mother’s clothing. As was her closet, her chest of drawers, and an entire room in our old house.

Sometimes I actually believe that buying this or that will actually change my life. Like a pair of jeans will somehow pay my bills, do my dishes and clean my apartment. A lipstick will actually make me look like Kat Von D. I…must…have… (insert newest obsession). Just the other day, I had the discussion with Danielle about how I need to stop thinking about how good of deal something is, if I don’t have the money for it, I just won’t buy it.

And then I hit the mall. (To return something, I swear!)

Now, to rationalize my purchases a bit, I did include a clothes budget for myself every month. And then not only did I find the jacket I had been wanting last fall for less than half the price of what I was going to pay for it, I also found the boots I had been unsuccessful in finding (yes, I’m aware it’s summer, which brings my shopping addiction to a new low). I think my purchases through and I know that I would actually make use of these items, but then I stumbled across a cute top… and well, I’m sure you know how this story ends.

I would love to end this post with some kind of epiphany or something that would wrap this story up in a positive way to my financial future. But no, there was none of that.

There is just happiness as I look down at my new boots… And hunt for a second job.

Financial Fun Fridays!

I love saving money.

I consider shopping an Olympic sport, and snagging a good deal is like winning gold. So its only natural that after sitting down with my dad  on a Friday to make a budget, I was looking at ways to lower my expenses.

1. I pay around ten dollars a month for bank fees to CIBC. To get rid of this, I re-opened my PC Financial debit card, which has no fees.

2. I opened a PC Financial Mastercard. It has no fees, and offers an introductory rate of .97% interest rate on transfers, which will save me around $60.00 a month on interest for the 6-months that it is available.

3. I called Rogers and found a better plan, which actually gives me unlimited minutes and texting along with my who-called feature back, for five dollars less a month.

I should also mention that when you open a PC Mastercard, you get a $20 gift card, so it’s really money back in my pocket. If there was something better than winning gold, this would be it.